Saturday, 18 April 2009

YongShun Environmental project is now approved!

NMS have supported many biogas projects over the years in HuNan though our brilliant Chinese partner organisation, Amity. YongShun in HuNan Province, is however a new and exciting area!

The YongShun environmental project will provide biogas installations for about 600 families in this predominantly TuJia area. These installations turns their biological rubbish and the poo from the farmer, his family and theirs livestock into methane gas for cooking, light and hot water for the whole family. As is that wasn’t enough, they also end up with good and safe fertiliser for their farms.

This is quite simply a brilliant project. Not only is it environmentally friendly as people end up not having to use coal or wood from bush/tree-scarce areas, but it also makes the homes a lot cleaner and better for their health. The women no longer have to breathe in all the smoke as she is cooking, and the houses get rid of a lot of unwanted dirt that makes the homes much cleaner. On my last trip, I saw the cleanest pigsty I’ve ever seen!

As this installation saves a lot of time, in particular for women, they use the opportunity to take part in useful agricultural courses that can be simply implemented. All this is also a very effective way of increasing the household income at a time when many poor farmers are really struggling due to the effects of the financial crisis.

In addition to the biogas installations, the project will also provide better access to clean water for these farmers as we plan to improve a broken water channel in YaDong and build up a drinking water reservoir in SiCheng (both areas are villages in YongShun).

The pictures are from my last trip in YongShun. I’m off again to the project area on the 27th of this month.

If you’re interested in supporting this project financially, please send me an e-mail telling me where you live or leave a message to this blog post and I’ll look into the best ways for the funds to be channelled to this project. If you read Norwegian, you can donate this way.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Some project updates!

On this blog, we will give you more details on our Development projects in the People's Republic of China. I hope you'll be following our posts with interest!