Monday, 10 December 2018

I feel so much better now!

Tian Biqiu/ (70) is not from a Christian background at all, but she has come into touch with a Church in her neighbourhood in ZhiJiang county because of services for the elderly that this Church is providing. She was initially very hesitant to come when her friends invited her to the Church, but after visiting for the first time, she found that the Church volunteers were very loving and kind.  She was very touched by the fact that they cared about her as a person and the welfare of her body. Since attending church activities, her body feels much better and she feels more loved and cared for.  This Church is just one of many Churches in Hunan & Guanxi province who have received training from NMS in how they can reach out to the marginalized in their communities through different projects and initiatives through the training project called “Practical Diakonia͟”.