Monday, 30 September 2013

Chen ShuZhao dreams about becoming a nurse

Chen ShuZhao/陈述钊6is from ChaLing (茶陵) in Chuzhou (株洲) in Hunan province (湖南) in China. He has attended the deaf school in Changsha one and a half years. There he is day-student and lives with his parents. He gets up every day at 7am. First he washes his face then brushes his teeth and puts on clothes before he eats breakfast. For breakfast he eats noodles almost every day. Mum takes him to school almost every day. But on the day off, Sunday, his grandmother often takes him to the park. He likes very much! In his class, there are 13 students. The name of his teacher is Miss Zhou, but he also has individual lessons with a different teacher each day.
When he grows up, he wants to become a nurse. His favourite food is (Chinese) sausage and chicken. His favourite subject is drawing but he also thinks dancing is a lot of fun!