Thursday, 17 June 2010

Clean water in YongShun!

A lot has happened in the YongShun project:

1. The Construction of YaDong Reservoir is now complete and is making a big difference in people’s lives!

2. 400 people have received training about agricultural production and animal husbandry.

3. Drinking Water Project in LaoSiCheng is now completed.

The aggregation channel (1) is of immense importance to the farmers because the channel means more water to the fields, which again means more crops when the autumn comes around. I was amazed by how grateful they were for the aggregation channel, the drinking water and the training. We couldn’t have been better welcomed! We were met by the village leader, five men playing various drums and fireworks. They took us to see the newly built irrigation channel and then they gave us lunch. Each family in the village had prepared one dish each for us! In a way it seems bizarre that they are so grateful for something as basic as water for their fields...