Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Cleaning the river!

As a result of one of a courses NMS ran in Qinghai, the church in HuangYuan decided to clean the Qingshui river of rubbish, and that way be able to show Christ’s love in a very practical way and also help to protect God’s creation. 
Over the course of four months, the 16 kilometer (10 miles) long Qingshui river has been fully cleared of rubbish. When NMS Ole Jacob and Tom from NMS arrived in June the river looked like a landfill. Both banks of the river and the river itself were covered in rubbish and plastic, and sundry products were floating in the water.

Dramatic Change
A major effort was initiated to clear the river, with 20 Church volunteers working hard for months to transform the river, removing endless truckloads of rubbish. Through hard manual labour the river has been cleaned up all the way to its source. The water now looks as clear as bottled water, and the water is actually drinkable. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

"The Centre Opened my World" says Hua Wen

Today, Hua Wen (11) is visiting his old school in Changsha where he studied for a year before joining a regular school.
His mother, He Ming Ming (34) relates to us how she believed it to be utterly unthinkable that her son could ever join a "regular" school, but that was before he attended the Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation Centre. 

The year at the centre enabled Hua Wen to communicate with the world around him. Hua Wen has many good memories from his time as a student at the Hearing Centre. His favorite dishes are spinach and beef strips. His favorite hobby is painting. 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Proud and Happy!

Wang Jingxi is a pastor in Guangxi province. Though her Church may not be rich, the congregation has worked together to establish a school stipend program for orphans.

The orphans who receive a scholarship are funded from elementary to middle school/junior high, high school and eventually university. The church supports between 20-25 children and youth. 
Rev Wang JingXi

The pastor is a passionate and proud advocate of the program and the church's positive impact on the life of these young orphans who otherwise would not be able to get an education. 

Wang Jingxi is currently enrolled in an NMS course that equip Churches to help the marginalized in their communities. Her church has set up with NMS. She is enthusiastic about the program and has found it to be very useful for her church's existing work.