Saturday, 26 September 2009

YongShun Environmental project is up and running!

The Contruction of YaDong Reservior  started in August. Now nearly half of the project has been finished, and the construction will be finished at the end of November. 

Training:  A total of 400 people have received training, including 200 peasants and 200 technicians from an agro-technical station. The training is about agricultural production and animal husbandry such as advanced knowledge to produce rice, fruits and raising cattle. The training will be completed in mid December. 

Drinking Water Project in LaoSiCheng:  Our local partner has finished the preparation work, including distance measurements, peasant mobilization, matching fund allocation, etc. This is the agricultural harvest season, so local people do not currently have time to focus on this project. They will be organized for labor contribution from early October, and the project will be finished in early December if everything goes smoothly. 

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