Monday, 15 March 2010

Irene: Left and found

Recently, a mother brought her 15-year-old daughter ,Irene, to the office of the headmaster of the ChangSha Deaf Centre, Wang XueYing. The mother was really excited and told Wang that the girl is now a student on Grade 3 in one of the best middle schools in the City of XiangTan. She won the 19th place among 200 competitors of selected middle school students in the Olympics Math Contest. The mother brought the child to Changsha from XiangTan just to report this good news to the headmistress, Mrs. Wang. She talked with tears in her eyes. If it was not for the hearing aids in the girl’s ears, you might not even notice that she had any problems hearing.

Ten years ago, when she was five years old, her parents found out she was not able to speak because she was deaf. They sent her to the School for Deaf Children in ChangSha where Wang is the headmistress and went back home to prepare to have a new healthy baby instead of taking care of Irene. For two years, her parents didn’t come to Changsha to see their daughter or pick her up to go home. Even during Spring Festival (the biggest holiday in China) she had no place to go but to stay at the headmaster’s home, Mrs. Wang.

When Irene turned seven years old, the headmistress, Mrs Wang approached several schools, but Irene was not accepted by any of them. Finally, Mrs. Wang went to the primary school near her home and tried to enroll her as her own daughter with her own child’s name. Mrs. Wang promised the school that if the child could not catch up with the lessons, they could dismiss her at any time. At the end of the first semester, the child got full scores in every course except music. The head master of the school of the primary school hugged her in front of all the teachers and students in the assembly and said, “She is the pride of our school. She is the best!” After this, her parents came to Changsha to pick up their child and she finally got to live with her parents again.

God has given Headmistress Mrs. Wang a number of hearing impaired children to love and take care of. He has also given her love and compassion so that she can take good care of each child in the centre independently of their financial background. She is very proud of these children and is thankful to God for His blessings and provision.

The Headmaster of the ChangSha Deaf Centre, Mrs. Wang and Rev. Jane Yao, the leader of the Three Self Patriotic Movement in HuNan who manages the ChangSha Deaf Centre.

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