Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ji Lanqing - not really a difficult boy.

One of the most inspiring things I get to do is to coordinate our cooperation with the rehabilitation centre for hearing impaired Children in ChangSha City in Hunan Province, China. It is very exciting to get to see how the school is making a big difference to these children and it is very admirable to see how keen the headmistress and teachers are on doing a good job to give these children a better future.

Over 100 hearing impaired children attend the Deaf Centre in ChangSha, central China. The school accepts children that many other schools refuse to give access. This is sometimes because they don’t have the money to pay the fees, sometimes because the child has multiple disabilities, sometimes because the child is perceived to be difficult.

Ji Lanqing is one of these children. Ji Lanqing is six years old, he is deaf and he has attention deficiency hyperactive disorder. When he first arrived at the school he couldn’t say a word. He screamed, was very angry and was difficult to control. Because of this, other rehabilitation schools had refused to accept him. Understandably, his mother was upset and desperately wanted to help her child. So soon after Ji Lanqing started to attend Qi Yin School she attended one of the parent training sessions. After that there was no turning back. She regularly attended training sessions, participating eagerly and, finally, started to assist at the school itself in an effort to help her child. Quickly, she mastered the basics of rehabilitation training and started to daily help her child in a one to one setting both at school and at home.

After only a few months Ji Lanqing has improved greatly. He can now speak sentences of 4 to 5 words in a go, he can communicate with those around him and he is no longer so frustrated. Ji Lanqing’s mother is very happy. She says that the school has given her and her son hope.

Unfortunately, the rehabilitation centre could not survive and help this many children without the support of NMS. If you are one of the people supporting this project, thank you! Perhaps you’d be interested in supporting this project? If so, click here.

This article is written by Marieke Rode-Christoffersen

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