Monday, 28 November 2011

Annual apdate on the YongShun Environmental project

Underneath follows a brief description of the activities of the YongShun project this year:
This years project activities started with our local partner learning the local needs and working out a draft plan at the end of June. Then, Amity Foundation discussed and revised the plan together with the local partner in YongShun. In the year of 2011, we planned to help 100 rural households to build biogas systems as well as renovation of their toilet and animal pens.

The staff of Amity local project office and professionals from Energy
Bureau made field visits to local townships and villages, learning the
suggestions and needs of local farmers, checking the name list of biogas
construction candidate one by one, giving guidance to preparation work for
biogas system construction.
The construction of 100 biogas system started in
August. During the construction of the biogas systems, the local project office
paid continuous follow up visits to different villages, talking with beneficiaries
and solving difficulties they encountered. The 100 biogas systems will be
completed at the beginning of December.

For the exciting evaluation of this project next week, we have invited qualified experts from Changsha Environmental Protection College
to do the evaluation work with us as well as an external evaluator from Laos.

In other words, the project in Yongshun has progressed smoothly according to our plan. We look
forward to the coming evaluation which will help us to summarize what we have
achieved and what we need to improve in the future. Thank you for supporting
this project!

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