Saturday, 2 November 2013

Cao YeBing would like to be a farmer!

Cao YeBing曹烨彬 (8) is from Cheng Zhou (郴州) in Hunan Province (湖南) in China. He has attended the deaf School in ChangSha for three years where he also lives. If he could not stay there with the other boarding pupils, he could probably not go to a school at all. For breakfast, he likes best to eat baozi (which is a type of doughnut filled with meat). His favourite subject is drawing, but he also loves to dance. When he grows up, he dreams of becoming a farmer. In the evenings, he likes to watch TV. On his day off school, Sunday, he likes to walk in the park with the student volunteers from the university who come to be with Cao YeBing and other boarding pupils.
Cao YeBings mother left him and his father when YeBing was small because the father is handicapped and has some mental problems. After YeBin started his studies at the centre and learned to speak etc.  his mother has been in contact with deaf centre and has resumed contact with both YeBin and his father. In this way, this deaf centre has helped to reconcile many families.
He dreams of becoming a farmer when he grows up. Growing up, he only saw farmers cultivating the land, growing grain, vegetables that can be eaten. He does not know of other work that would not let him be hungry, so he thinks that being a farmer is the best of all.

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