Thursday, 26 August 2010

We can help even more people!

We're really excited about the fact that even more farmers than planned are able to get biogas digesters in YongShun.

Right now, 680 households are building their biogas digesters in YongShun! This improves people's lives not only in terms of more funds for food, education etc. (as they don't need to buy coal), but also cleaner smoke free kitchens, more hygenic bathrooms and animal pens, and even more free time!

In the autumn, we're able to train 110 biogas village technicians and train 3000 farmers in how to keep up the biogas digesters and improve health and hygiene. This is a crucial way of ensuring the sustainability of these biogas digesters!

This project which is not only improves the environment but also improves peoples quality of life is warmly welcome in Hunan as the province was severely hit by recent floods.

The reason for this expansion, is that our local partner, Amity Foundation has used the funds very efficiently which allows about 80 more families to get a biogas digester as well as en expansion of the people trained as biogas technicians.

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