Monday, 30 August 2010

Even more can be helped!!

Just as you read this, farmers in YoungShun are starting the construction of biogas household digesters. This year, we had planned to build 600 biogas installations, train 100 biogas technicians and train 3000 biogas users in how to keep up their biogas installations and ensure good health and hygiene practices. However, due to very efficient use of funds, it turns out that we will be able to help almost 700 needy families build biogas installations, train almost 120 biogas technicians and more than 3000 farmers will be trained!

There is a great deal of joy in YongShun about this expansion as there is a great need in these poor mountainous villages. These biogas installations that turn poo into energy makes a very real difference in people’s lives as it makes their homes cleaner, improves their health and saves money and time that they used to spend on picking straw, wood and buying coal. Getting free high quality fertilizer is another welcome benefit for these farmers. It’s also really nice that these installations save the environment too!

The training of biogas technicians is also very welcome as there now are many households in YongtShun with biogas digesters, but very few technicians who can fix them when these digesters break. Being able to train normal villagers to be able to repair these digesters are therefore extremely important in order to ensure that people can benefit from these digesters many years after

We are very excited about this expansion and how this project has a positive impact on people’s lives. However, at the same time, we’re not quite on target when it comes to fundraising for this project.

So, perhaps you or someone you know would consider giving a donation to the YongShun project? If you’re interested, please send us an e-mail and I will advice you on how you best can channel funds from your country.

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