Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The bittersweet story of MeiLin

Life can be harsh in China. MeiLin, who was born deaf, has already experienced how.

Poor family

Her family is quite poor, partly as a result of her father also being disabled as he has only one hand. In China people are often ashamed of disabilities.

Embarrassed mother

Her mother was so embarrassed about the fact that her daughter could not speak that she abandoned MeiLin. She did not visit or see her daughter for a whole year.

A thriving girl

Fortunately, MeiLin enrolled in Changsha Deaf Centre. She is a smart little girl, eager to learn and at Changsha Deaf Centre she thrived. With the help of her teachers she learnt to speak.

When her uncle found out that she could speak he was so happy that he decided to get in contact with his sister and he convinced her that she should return home. The mother returned and is now a part of the family again!


Reverend Yao, leader of XinDe foundation who started the centre, remarked that “the improvement of this little girl is going to bring reconciliation to her broken up family”. The head teacher of the school, Mrs Wang, said “This is an unexpected result. The peace of God transcends all understanding.”

Great opportunity!

It’s fantastic that girls like MeiLin, who otherwise would have no chance to go to school, can come to the deaf centre in ChangSha!
We wish you a very blessed Christmas!

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