Monday, 17 June 2013

Chu NiKe dreams of becoming an industrial worker

Chu NiKe/屈妮可(6) is a girl from LouDi (省娄底) in Hunan province(湖南 ) in China. She lives at the deaf Centre in Changsha because her dad works in ShenZhen and her mum works in Zhuzhou. Both cities are far away from Changsha City. But every Friday, her mum comes to be with her and on Sunday and holidays, they are together all the time! For breakfast, Nike likes to drink warm milk and eggs, but for lunch she prefers chicken. Otherwise she especially likes to eat sweets and cakes!
When she grows up, she wants to be a worker or teacher. Her parents are workers in a factory. She loves her father and mother, so she thinks that being a worker is brilliant! She is a resident student in the school. She has learnt a lot from her teacher, whom she really likes.

Sometimes, Nike actually teaches her mum things because NiKe has been learning so many fun things at the ChangSha deaf centre! She teaches her mum Chinese characters and sometimes mathematics. It is fun! Her favourite subject, however, is singing because she likes to sing.

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