Saturday, 31 August 2013

Unusual brothers

Huang-RuiJie(黄锐杰)(6) & Huang-YuQi(黄玉其)(2) are very special in China! Why? They are brothers! In most parts of China, it is illegal to have more than one child. Therefore, it is very unusual in Changsha City, where they live, to have siblings. The boys like Sundays especially because they have time off from school and can play with mum and dad. These guys are the only kids at the deaf centre in Changsha with siblings.
The reason their parents have been allowed to have two children is that they come from the countryside, where some places are allowed to have two children. YuQi (黄玉其 thinks it is terrific to have a brother!

Huang-RuijJie said that when he grows up, he wants to be a father. In his impression, fathers are really great. His father earn money to support the family, enabling  him and his brother who is similarly hearing impaired to receive training at the deaf children rehabilitation centre.
Their father is a driver and their mother works in a grocery store.

His father is a truck driver and works very hard daily driving the truck. The thought of his precious two sons being able to speak and interact through the training, makes him happy.

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