Thursday 5 December 2013

A Chinese Biogas Update from Madagascar

I love this volunteering experience here in Madagascar and feel so good! It is great to be outside almost all of the time! Malagasy people are eager to build biogas as most villages we visit have no electricity and the charcoal based cooking stove that they use are not very efficient.
Nearly 3 biogas digesters have been finished this week. During this week, Chen JiaHai also had a chance to give the technicians here further training.  
We feel the farmers and project leader are both very eager to get this biogas project going. The project Leader of FLM in Fianarantsoa, Alfred, said a reporter of a local newspaper is going to write about the biogas project. 
Both Chen JiaHai and I enjoy working with Stine. She is doing a good job translating between English and Malagasy. Chen JiaHai is happy to see that the biogas sites are working very well.
We did hiking this morning and it was very nice.
We eat well and sleep well! 

This update is written by Jane Ren. She has travelled from the wonderful Middle Kingdom to volunteer in Madagascar as a translator in the International Biogas Programme that seeks to transfer the biogas success from China to Madagascar. She is translating for the biogas technician Chen JiaHai from YongShun in Hunan (in China).  

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