Sunday, 15 December 2013

A New Start!

               Zhang Qian ( - 40) is delighted to learn the traditional art of brocading and has big dreams.
               She belongs to the Tujia people, and is now attending a brocading course for women who are part of the International Biogas Project that NMS operates in YONGSHUN, located in Hunan Province in China. The course teaches her how to do traditional Tujua brocade.
               The unemployed, single mother looks at this course as a unique opportunity to start a new life for herself and her son, Tian Youping (14). The opportunity to learn a skill that can help her to earn a living is obviously important in a corner of China where it is difficult to find work. Getting enough money for rent, food and school fees for her son has not been easy, especially when she used to work as a cleaner or a nanny. For Zhang Qian, however, this course is much more than just an opportunity to earn a living; she has a big dream.
               She became a Christian a few years ago, when she was in the city of Wenzhou as a migrant worker at one of the city's many factories. One of the other workers at the factory told her about Jesus and it changed her life completely. "Jesus gives life hope, meaning and joy" she says, smiling broadly. "As a Christian, I have peace and feel much better no matter how my (external) situation is”. She also says that she experiences the church's care for her.
               Zhang Qian thinks that she is possibly the only Christian participant in this brocade course, but nonetheless has big plans. Once she had learned the art of brocade, she wants to start teaching it to other women in the small Church. "Together we can maybe make a small factory and make some money to help the poor in our village" says Zhang Quan with a big smile and a lot enthusiasm.

               This brocading course for women is part of the International Exchange of Biogas that provides biogas to poor farmers in China and Madagascar. The women have more time once they have biogas on the farm because they no longer have to collect wood or other fuels. Due to increase in free time, this project also started several courses in China and Madagascar that give women the opportunity to use their new-found leisure time in a way that can improve their life and family income. This brocading course is one of the courses available to women and Zhang Qian is one of the participants. Do you want to support the International Exchange Program for Biogas?

               Maybe you're wondering what to give as a Christmas gift to someone who already has much of what they need? For 100 Pounds Sterling, you can give a whole biogas tank to a farmer in Zhang Quan’s home county, YongShun. This Christmas gift could combat poverty and improve women's health all in one! A gift that keeps women in Yongshun for so many years is a unique gift! An Ipad, mobile phone or computer rarely lasts more than 4-5 years but a tank of biogas can last generations and provide an entire family a better future. Find out how you can support this project here

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