Monday 2 December 2013

Good reasons to have biogas in Madagascar (and around the world):

1) To protect the blue sky as God's creation

2) Every day you see people push carts of charcoal on terrible roads for hours. By using biogas, you do not need to use charcoal!

3) To stop cutting down trees. In this country, trees are in danger.

4) To change the inefficient and smoky ways of cooking into a clean and efficient gas stove

5) To give light through the biogas lamp (especially nice as many people have no access to electricity here)

6) To get enough organic fertilizer for the field.

7) To save expenses for farmers in order to improve their living standard! 

Perhaps you can think of other good reasons?

This article is written by Jane Ren (see picture). She has travelled from the wonderful Middle Kingdom to volunteer in Madagascar as a translator in the International Biogas Programme that seeks to transfer the biogas success from China to Madagascar. She is translating for the biogas technician Chen JiaHai from YongShun in Hunan (in China).  

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